Aug 18 2012

A Constant Struggle – Privacy


Life is always changing. You’re always going to struggle with something. One of my biggest challenges is a lack of privacy. I have absolutely zero privacy. Nothing is able to be kept in private. I can’t go somewhere or do anything without at least one person knowing about it. I’m lucky if I can keep it to just one person knowing about it.

Most people can do things without anyone knowing. They can go buy a gift for themselves, make a phone call, read a magazine or go to an appointment without answering to someone else. It is very frustrating to never have anything personal.

An area where I wish I had more privacy is health care. Since I need assistance in getting to various appointments, it becomes a group thing. I need help getting on an exam table. I can’t use my computer to talk while I’m laying down so I need someone there who can read my lips. It is just frustrating to always have to fight to get others to realize and accept that I can make my own decisions and handle things. This issue is fueled by the fact that I need assistance to do most anything. Caretakers will invariably feel like they should be a part of every decision because it affects them in some way.

How do you cope? I can’t seem to figure it out.


  1. minni

    I am a caregiver and my client who has a physical disability has the same issues with privacy. It is amazing to me how some people think just because a person has physical limitations they(the caregivers) have a right to constantly violate my client’s privacy. i.e., when they receive a message on their cell phone, I hold the phone up to my client’s face, where they can read it. I do not even look, nor would I want to. You would not believe how many caregivers think it is their right to read them! Your blog is wonderful! Please keep up the good work on letting people realize the issues that face people with disabilities.

    1. Admin

      Exactly! Thank you for reading my blog and for understanding :)

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